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Let Your Home Breathe Again!

Otto's Air Care is a family owned and operated air duct cleaning company located in Tigard, Oregon. We have been in business more than 10 years, and serve the greater Portland metro area.

Our prices are very competitive, and all work is guaranteed to be satisfactory.
Duct cleaning is done with state of the art Rotobrush equipment.
We also offer duct sanitizing, dryer vent cleaning, electrostatic furnace filters

Air Duct Cleaning

We use Rotobrush equipment, a powerful portable industrial vacuum with a 35ft hose and various brushes that scour the vents and suck the debris out. This should be done every 3-5 years.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Fire departments recommend having the length of the pipe (homes vary) cleaned out every 2 years. Cleaning the lint trap is not enough! We clean inside the dryer, behind the dryer, the flex pipe and scour the entire pipe to the outside flap. This removes the fire hazard, and may cut down on drying time and improve efficiency.

Organic Sanitizing

If you have allergies, if there was a distinct smell or if it was just plain disgusting when we looked in the vacuum after finishing the cleaning, you may want to have us spray the ducts with our organic allergin killer. It leaves a nice scent of eucalyptus and tea tree oil, and works long after we're gone.