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WHAT WE DO: Air-Duct Cleaning Examples

A typical cold air return in an average home, dust collects on the cover as well as the pipe pulling air into the furnace.

This is a cold air return pipe, we see this amount of debris everyday. Anyone that says you don't need to have your ducts cleaned hasn't looked in a cold air return, this simply can't be good for you!

A dryer pipe after 5 years of use in a home with two children, two adults, the owners cleaned the lint trap in the dryer with each use. The amount that gets past the lint trap is astounding sometimes!

Pull up a floor vent and look down in there!

This is a dryer pipe that was so clogged we had to use a 180 mph blower and scouring brush on extension rods to get it back to proper safety and efficiency.

This lint was taken from one dryer vent, not an unusual amount.

And here's Walt fishing in a dryer vent for a bird's nest: